Self-employed program


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Lots of people choose the self-employed route because they enjoy the freedom and independence this mode of work allows. No matter where you are, you get to decide your profession and rhythm of life. If you have a skill to flaunt, why not let is bring you to Canada, to live freely in one of the best places on the planet?

About the program

Canada is looking for people with skills in cultural and sports sectors. If you’ve been working in these sectors for the past few years, that’s your ticket to a brand new life! Does that sound tempting? Well, let us have a look and we’ll consult on your next steps. First consultation is on us! 

Our services

  • Consult on how suitable you are for using this pathway
  • Prepare documents checklist, including officiating, translating and editing
  • Writing a business plan in the Canadian way
  • Submitting applications
  • Prepare and train interview skills with immigration officer