At a glance

This pathway is specifically designed to attract young professionals who are capable of producing meaningful contributions to the Canadian economy. Does that sound like you? There are three main requirements, you need to…

  1. ….have graduated from a higher education in the last 5 years. 
  2. … have accumulated 1 year of full time work OR the equivalent of of work hours in part time
  3. …be in Canada with the intent to live there! 

Of course, there are some details to each component, be sure you check all the boxes before clicking submit! Of course, if all the information is a bit confusing, our consultants can help you assess your needs if you’d like! Book an appointment now.

People of any ethnicity may apply, but you must hold a British National Overseas (BNO) passport, or Hong Kong passport. 

The academic background of a successful applicant includes completing any post-secondary degrees / diplomas within 5 years of application. Suitable programs include:

  • Higher diplomas (2 years studying minimum)
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Post-graduate certificates (1 years studying minimum)
  • Masters degrees

Lastly, there is a requirement towards relevant work experience. Regardless of job nature, the successful applicant will have 1 year of above of full time work experience, discounting:

  • Work hours completed while you were a full time student 
  • Self-employment 
  • On leave (maternity leave, annual leave, sick leaves….) 
  • Work outside of Canada 
  • Extended absence outside Canada 
  • Unemployment 

If you are without any full-time work experience, you are able to spend up to 3 years accumulating no less than 1,560 hours of part-time work experience within Canadian borders. To fulfill this, you will need work permits. Talk to our consultants to see which ones are suitable to your needs. 

Get some pen and paper, make the checklist. Or download the IRCC checklist


Language test result

Did you know that Canada has two official languages? Both English and French are recognized as a befitting way to pass this requirement. We will provide English resources as it is more commonly available to Hong Kongers. 

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB): CELPIP – General Test. CELPIP – General LS Test is not accepted


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) — General Training option.
IELTS Academic option is not accepted. 

Intent to live in province / territory other than Quebec 

Stream A is not applicable for Quebec. 

A letter of declaration explaining where you plan to live and why.


Documents demonstrating your permanent ties with the place. Including

    • Proof of employment 
    • Job offers 
    • Job applications you’ve submitted 
    • Job interviews you have scheduled 
    • Proof you have family living in the area 
    • Lease agreements or mortgages 

So you can see there are many ways to show that you truly belong to Canada!

Proof of post-secondary education 

All students, provide both:

    • Copy of diploma / degree 
    • Final transcripts 

They should reflect that you’ve graduated in the last 5 years.
以上兩份文件必須反映你在近 5 年內畢業

Post-graduate students also need:

    • Screenshot from program website OR letter from the school that demonstrates the program required students to have a post-secondary qualification as a prerequisite.
    • Copy of post-secondary qualification showing you graduated no more than 5 years before the start of your graduate or postgraduate program.
    • If you graduated from a post-secondary school outside of Canada, you must obtain an education credential assessment (ECA) to demonstrate the course’s equivalency to Canadian education standards.

      Note that different types of degrees’ assessments are designated to different organizations. Not sure who to contact? Link Education Consultant Inc. can help!

Proof of Canadian work experience 

You will need to demonstrate the validity of your resume. For each job listed, you should compile a file consisting of documents verifying your work experience. This can include:

    • Bank statements showing salary deposits. 
    • Pay stubs 
    • Copies of your record of employment 
    • Tax forms (T4)
    • A letter from your employer, on company letterhead, including the following information:
        1. Your name 名字
        2. Your job title 職位
        3. Dates for which you worked for the company 你在該公司的就業記錄
        4. Hours worked 在該公司工作時數
        5. Your remuneration package + annual salary 年資 + 報酬
        6. Company contact information 公司通訊資料
        7. Supervisor contact information OR Company human resources contact 直屬上司或該公司人事部通訊資料

Send an email to

Subject: “Request to apply for the Permanent Residence Pathways for Hong Kong Residents”

Body: Write down your name, email you’d like to communicate with, and unique client identifier OR passport number. 

There will be an autoreply within an hour. No need to reply.

  1. Create an account with CanadaPost 

    5 business days after you sent the email, CanadaPost will ask you to sign up. Follow the instructions to create an epost Connect account from which you will submit your application.

  2. Check your documents and complete the forms. 

    The forms are fillable on the computer, no need to print. 

  3. Pay fees online.

    There will be a receipt sent to you via email, make sure to submit this with your application

  4. Submit the application via ePost. 

Great job! All the best for you! If successful, the IRCC will ask you to provide fingerprints and photo (if required), and complete medical exams. IRCC will provide medical forms and resources on authorised institutions who provide immigration medical exams

Approved applications will be asked to confirm your mailing address so they can send you your PR card and a document approving your Canadian PR status.

In case of refused applications, you will still receive a letter explaining why your application has been refused.